Innovative. Creative. Passionate.
Since 2006 we've been writing, creating, developing and publishing big ideas around the world from our Cambridgeshire office.
We are a creative agency and publishing house all in one. Day to day, our diverse team could be busy doing anything from conceiving dynamic digital marketing solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world, to publishing a range of leading magazines that have the love and respect of the masses.
Do you need content that influences audiences to act? We have copywriters, photographers and videographers for that. Do you need a digital platform that does more than just look pretty? We have web designers, UX experts and digital developers for that. Do you need a boost for your brand? We have strategists, campaign managers and marketing data specialists for that.

From individual social media graphics to overall brand strategy, print advertising to PPC and digital development to content creation, we can take your challenges and turn them into opportunities, while bringing your ideas to life.
“Everything we do is centred around three core values: Innovation, Creativity and Passion. Through these values we help our clients all over the world deliver their goals”
Our creative division offers design, content and digital marketing strategies and solutions
Creativity underpins every aspect of our agency division. It goes into the strategy behind every marketing campaign, the logic behind every email automation, and helps us plot the path of least resistance for every user’s digital journey. It’s what keeps our graphic design one step ahead of the latest trends and what inspires the content that brings it all to life.

The only thing that matches our team’s creativity is their hunger for the next challenge. So whether print or digital, if you can dream it, we can create it. After all, your success is our success.
Our clients
“Over the years we have become trusted and respected for our innovative strategy, compelling content, iconic branding, ingenious web design and expert digital development”
Our publishing division began with two titles that filled a gap in the market and has since evolved to include some of the most pioneering publications in the industry.
The Bright portfolio includes lifestyle, photography, videography, movie and broadcast titles that range from local treasures to national and international favourites. Between them, our expert writers and highly experienced designers create editorial that is as beautifully written as it is presented, each month delighting their loyal readership.

Our advertisers are pretty happy too, with Bright’s team of advertising specialists on-hand to provide them with a tailor-made service. With eye-catching advertorials and countless creative campaign options across print, digital or both, we can take your message to an engaged, passionate audience, and help you to achieve your goals.
“Every member of our 50-strong team excels in the field they operate in, and collectively we all come together to deliver excellence for our clients”
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Bright House, 82 High Street, Sawston, Cambridge CB22 3HJ

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