With a rich 80-year history in the photographic industry, Fujifilm has established itself as a market leader in imaging systems the world over
The project
For this project, FUJIFILM UK & Europe had three main requirements: increase engagement with its extensive database of contacts, gain a better understanding of its target audience and ensure full compliance with the recently introduced GDPR legislation.
What Bright did
Bright created a bespoke platform for the client called FUJIFILM Connect. A customer warranty portal at its core, the platform has been designed to prove a valuable asset for client and consumer. Rapid technical support and creative content incentivise customer sign-ups and product registrations, enabling the appropriate collation of valuable market data and trends in the process.
Since its launch, the platform has proved popular with consumers, receiving more than six million page views. Having provided FUJIFLM UK & Europe with a clearer view of market trends, the company has pursued more accurately targeted marketing campaigns, increasing email open rates fivefold. As a result of its initial success, FUJIFILM Connect has grown to include more than 30 translated platforms for countries across Europe and continues to expand.
Designed, built, tested and managed by Bright, FUJIFILM Connect is constantly evolving to include new features and services for its customers. The addition of virtual 1-2-1 sessions allowed Fujifilm to offer support directly to customers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and the platform is also equipped to arrange loans of FUJIFILM products, making it a valuable space to attract potential new customers and drive product sales.
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