FUJIFILM USA educational email automation
We’ve been working with FUJIFILM USA since 2016, primarily to support the electronic imaging team, for whom we’ve completed a wide variety of projects to enhance camera and lens marketing initiatives.
In one of our biggest projects, we created a year-long educational email journey to help photographers at three different levels learn more about creating great images using FUJIFILM equipment.
The initiative was broken down into weekly topics, with information sent to users via email. Bright created all 156 articles, plus we built the logic and templates for the supporting automated email system.
To date, thousands of photographers have completed that email journey, with hundreds more signing up on a weekly basis. Open rates for the emails far exceeded industry standards, demonstrating that the content was well targeted and engaging. An end of journey survey, which we also created, confirms that over 75% of users felt the content served their purposes ‘very well’ or ‘extremely well’.
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